Worth a pretty green penny!


The property market jury has considered their verdict – green buildings sell at a premium, a big premium! 200 Victoria Street has delivered the owners with a $10 million or 11.8% premium in six months.

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SMF Solar


The City Of Melbourne recently hosted a BBQ lunch to showcase a solar installation that Polivac International installed to their warehouse facility in Kensington. Polivac International, the makers of commercial cleaning equipment installed a 20kW…

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Green Roofs

green roofs

UPDATE: See City of Melbourne Counciler Arron Wood discuss  green roofs and facades on the ABC’s Lateline and how they can reduce the urban heat island affect. Green roofs are visually appealing to tenants, clients…

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Energy Efficient Office Buildings Grant


Sustainable Melbourne Fund is continuing to work closely with Sustainability Victoria’s Energy Efficiency Office Buildings program.

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