Environmental Upgrade Finance

Environmental Upgrade Finance is a loan for environmental works repaid via quarterly council rates. This allows us to offer terms of finance which are not always available via other lending products and the banks.

What’s different from other loans?

100% Finance, including hard and softs costs.

Repayment is Statutory Charge, invoiced on a new local council rates notice.

If the property is leased then you have the choice of easily splitting repayment between landlord and tenants.

Loan terms between 4- 15 year allowing for cashflow maximisation

No requirement personal, business or other forms of security to be provided to financier.

Fixed repayment amortised in full over term

No balloon at end of period.

No consent or approval required by existing financier on property

Simple application process handled completely by Sustainable Melbourne Fund

What can be funded?

Businesses and landlord can apply for finance to fund any projects that help manage their energy, water or waste performance.

How it works

Sustainable Melbourne Fund provides the upfront capital that businesses need to make sustainability improvements to their buildings.

We do this through what’s called Environmental Upgrade Agreement – a loan to improve a building where the repayments are invoiced through an local government issued rates notice.

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