Smart finance for better buildings

The Sustainable Melbourne Fund is Australia’s leading provider of secure, easy-to-access, low-cost, finance to improve a business’ environmental impact.

Together with our partners, we help small and medium enterprises go green, saving them time and money, and improving their bottom-line.

Finance to save on energy, water and waste

Businesses can apply for finance to fund any improvements to their energy, water or waste performance, including installing solar.

How it works

We provide the upfront capital that businesses need to make sustainability improvements to their buildings.

We do this through what’s called Environmental Upgrade Finance – a loan to improve a building where the repayments are administered through local council.

Up to 100%, secure finance, is available with attractive terms, and quarterly repayments through council rates.



Commercial tenants and building owners can apply

We work closely with tenants and building owners to help with any necessary agreements, so businesses renting, owner-occupiers and landlords can all benefit. Tenanted businesses can gain an immediate boost to their profits through utility savings, while landlords accrue extra capital growth to their building. Owner-occupiers get both benefits.

Already SMF has delivered $15.2 million in energy and water efficiency improvements, saving businesses $985,000 annually, and cutting 9,136 tonnes of carbon emissions.

Businesses typically find their better building improvements pay for themselves through the savings on power bills, water costs or waste management services.

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