• Rye Hotel

    Rye Hotel

    Peter sees that the long term EUA has resulted in a 25% saving on existing accounts. This enables Peter to use savings to make repayments as well as funnel dollars back into the business.

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  • Impact (Melbourne)

    Impact Investment Group (Melbourne)

    Since completing the renovations, Impact has successfully tenanted the building to co-working franchise WeWork on a 15-year contract.

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  • Minogue Dairy Farm

    Minogue Dairy Farm

    With financial impact to the business his biggest concern, Kevin calculated whether the figures would stack up. The great news is that after installing the new solar system, the farm is 90% self-sufficient and Kevin is feeling confident in the future….

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  • Integrity Fruit (fruit processing facility)

    Integrity Fruit

    Funding a solar installation via an EUA (environmental upgrade agreement) was Peter’s best bet. But with little knowledge of solar systems – and how to finance them – Peter was unsure where to look for advice….

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  • Ritchie’s Supa IGA

    Ritchie’s Supa IGA

    Building upgrades via an EUA provide win-win benefits for both tenant and landlord. The asset improves in value, while a business saves on energy costs without encumbering its balance sheet.

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  • Hussy & Co

    Hussey and Co.

    Hussey & Co is a lettuce farm on the Morning Peninsula that delivers quality produce to Australia and overseas. With four acres of land, multiple sheds and industrial processing facilities, it relies heavily on energy to stay in business….

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  • Rye Hotel

    Cooking Space, North Melbourne

    SOLAR FINANCE CASE STUDY: SMF supported negotiations with Cooking Space’s landlord enabling them to purchase solar with 100% finance.

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  • 460 Collins Street - case study

    460 Collins Street

    EUA CASE STUDY: A new highly efficient PowerPax chiller was installed to replace the existing chiller to reduce energy use.

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  • 501 Swanston St

    501 Swanston Street

    EUA CASE STUDY: $7m project includes upgrade of the plant room, PowerPax chillers, boilers and solar film for windows.

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  • Kings Business Park - case study

    Kings Business Park

    EUA CASE STUDY: Four out of five buildings in the Kings Park Business precinct were retrofitted as part of this project.

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