Environmental upgrade finance

Secure finance to install solar or improve your sustainability

Join businesses across Australia taking up finance through the Sustainable Melbourne Fund and saving on power bills, water costs or waste management services through Environmental Upgrade Finance.

Whichever building upgrade you’re looking for – be it energy, water or waste – the process to apply is the same:

Step 1: Determine your need 

If your building is resource inefficient, you’re wasting money. Talk to us to find local services that can audit your building for energy efficiency improvements and provide quotes for solar. How much could you save?

Step 2: Check you’re eligible

  • Is the proposed project on rateable land?
  • Is the proposed activity in/on an existing building?
  • Is the building primarily for non-residential use?
  • Does the activity improve the energy, water, environmental efficiency or sustainability of the building?

If so, you’re ready to secure finance.

Step 3: Secure finance

Understand your business requirements and talk to us about finance terms and options that best meet your needs.

Please provide details of your organisation and project to info@sustainablemelbournefund.com.au or contact Sustainable Melbourne Fund on (03) 9658 8618.

Costs and fine print

What does it cost?

Terms and conditions