How to Apply

Finance that’s easy, affordable and flexible

Join businesses across Australia taking up Environmental Upgrade Finance through the Sustainable Melbourne Fund.

Whichever building upgrade you’re looking for – be it energy, water or waste – the process to apply is the same:

Step 1: Determine your need 

If your building is resource inefficient, you’re wasting money. Talk to us to find local services that can audit your building for energy efficiency improvements and provide quotes for solar. How much could you save?

Step 2: Check you’re eligible

  • Is the proposed project on rateable land?
  • Is the proposed activity in/on an existing building?
  • Is the building primarily for non-residential use?
  • Does the activity improve the energy, water, environmental efficiency or sustainability of the building, an example of works can include:


Class Activity
Built form ·         Building fabric insulation upgrade
·         Cool roof coating
·         External solar shading
·         Green roof installation
·         High performance windows
·         Reduce building infiltration / exfiltration
Energy source ·         Domestic Hot Water sustainability via technology upgrade
·         Reduced carbon on-site energy source
·         Grid-connected renewable energy, with or without battery storage.
·         Solar thermal hot water
·         Power factor correction
Lighting ·         Lighting control upgrades
·         Lighting technology upgrade
Plant ·         Drive and fan efficiency upgrades
·         Duct testing and sealing
·         Ducting and piping insulation
·         HVAC efficiency via control upgrade
·         HVAC technology upgrade
·         Permanent high efficiency commercial appliances
·         Permanent refrigeration upgrades
·         Pool efficiency upgrades
Water ·         Blackwater system
·         Greywater system
·         Rainwater system
·         Water efficiency measures

For activities, outside those listed above SMF works with your project developer to quantify the environmental benefit. If a project activity is already registered or receiving certificates or credits under the Emissions Reduction Fund (ERF), Renewable Energy Target (RET), Victorian Energy Efficiency Target (VEET) schemes, the claimed benefits can be considered robust and verifiable.

Step 3: Check your council is a participant

The following councils are participants on the program:

  • City of Melbourne Council
  • City of Greater Bendigo Council
  • Greater Dandenong Council
  • City of Greater Geelong Council
  • Brimbank City Council
  • City of Monash Council
  • Greater Shepparton Council
  • Hobsons Bay City Council
  • Macedon Ranges Shire Council
  • Maribyrnong City Council
  • Mildura Rural City Council
  • Moira Shire Council
  • Moreland City Council
  • Mornington Peninsula Shire
  • Mount Alexander Shire Council
  • South Gippsland Shire Council
  • Wyndam City Shire Council
  • Central Goldfields Shire

More councils are being added every month, so if your council is not a participant please contact us to discuss the status of your region

Step 4: Secure finance

Understand your business requirements and talk to us about finance terms and options that best meet your needs.

Please provide details of your organisation and project to or contact Sustainable Melbourne Fund on (03) 9658 8618.

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