SMF Solar


The City Of Melbourne recently hosted a BBQ lunch to showcase a solar installation that Polivac International installed to their warehouse facility in Kensington. Polivac International, the makers of commercial cleaning equipment installed a 20kW solar array on their building at the Kensington Industrial Park.

Solar installations, the size installed by Polivac, are becoming very commercially attractive and leading businesses are embracing the opportunity. In Polivac’s case they estimate that it will take 3.5 years to completely pay off the system and will halve their ongoing electricity bills for the life of panels, which are warranted for 25 years.

At the BBQ, Polivac International spoke at length about benefit and challenges of installing solar on their building and Cr Arron Wood reiterated the City Of Melbourne’s vision to be a zero net emissions city by 2020. Solar is a key focus for the City Of Melbourne achieving its target and Sustainable Melbourne Fund is able to provide easy to access funding for solar. Warehouses are an ideal building type for the installation of solar due to high sun exposure, low surrounding buildings and high levels of energy use on site. Following on from the BBQ, Sustainable Melbourne Fund has discussed solar investment with numerous building owners in the Kensington Industrial Park and also met a clean technology manufacturer in the park manufacturing hydrogen battery storage!

If funding your solar is a consideration, Sustainable Melbourne Fund is able to provide 100% project finance for projects up to $500,000 over a repayment period of 6 years. If you’re interested in discussing a solar installation for your building please contact Michael Lambden at the Sustainable Melbourne Fund for further information.